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Another 1763 cases in Pakistan, 32 deaths but how many active patients? The latest statistics came out

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do majboor daket very intersting vidio . by asad amanat ali and bhai s faizvi...plzz Suscribe my channel 

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Ramzan Al mubarik aur lailatul qadar by A A A Entertainment...

Ramzan Al mubarik aur lailatul qadar ramzan main Kon Kon se amaal AAP ke liye zaryae bakhshish ban sakte hai..... Like share and subscribe A.A.A Entertainment...

Ramzan Al mubarik aur lailatul qadar by A A A Entertainment...Ramzan lailatul Al mubarik

qadar Ramzan Al mubarik aur lailatul qadar ramzan main Kon Kon se amaal AAP ke liye zaryae bakhshish ban sakte hai.....

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